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Beyond Rome Art food and wine in the Castelli Romani.

Beyond Rome.

The Art, Food and Wine Tour of the Castelli Romani

Join us just outside Rome for a stimulating but relaxed and enjoyable immersion in art, authentic roman cuisine, wine tasting and history as you create your sketchbook record of the extraordinary environment of the Roman countryside under the guidance of professional artist, Helen Edwards.

Each day, you'll visit different sites of both historic relevance and interest and unsurpassed natural beauty, places which have inspired artists for centuries.

The Alban Hills, or Castelli Romani, are filled with interesting subject matter for the artist. Our itinerary includes the most important and stimulating - panoramic landscapes, verdant forests, ancient roman ruins, sacred temples and splendid palaces, medieval towns and tranquil lakes. And to feed the creative urge, you'll experience the rich and diverse flavors of fine roman cuisine and enjoy wine tastings of the excellent local DOC wines in the place where it all began - the roman countryside.

Our Art Tour welcomes all, from established artists, painters, and photographers, to those for whom the artistic or creative urge has, until now, remained unexpressed. With Helen's expert guidance and in surroundings guaranteed to stimulate and inspire, you'll have the opportunity to develop your own vision and response to your surroundings, and in so doing heighten the intensity of your overall experience.

This tour is unique in that, while all are welcome, for the artists in the group there is designated time and opportunity each day to stop and focus on the development of their sketch references.

Helen Edwards - your art guide during your stay

An award winning artist in her native Australia, Helen is also a trained teacher and has worked extensively with both experienced and hobby artists in workshop, class and demonstration environments. The emphasis here is on the sketch form, often more creative and honest due to its lower risk compared to a finished painting. Helen provides practical advice on such topics as identification of suitable subject matter, the sketching techniques of the various mediums, input on the development of a visual diary and art notes, and the uses of photography as a visual reference.

In Helen's words, "Sketching as an art form allows the artist to respond to a visual experience using a minimal amount of material for a maximum result. It's a spontaneous emotional record that can be a reference, along with photography, for a finished studio work. Equally, it can be an end in itself as part of a diary or personal record of the visual experience".

Helen encourages participants to develop their own vision, style and responses. And with a maximum of 8 participants, she has ample time to spend with each one.

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Your tour Leader Hugh Rowe

Hugh Rowe is an Australian who lives in the Castelli Romani tending his olive grove, small vineyard and gardens. Hugh and his Italian wife were drawn to the Castelli above all for the beauty of its striking natural landscape, along with the agreeable climate and agricultural, small town atmosphere. To be less than thirty minutes from the center of Rome in that environment was like having the best of both worlds. It was only when he exercised his long held interest in history and art did he realize just how much, in fact, those two worlds are intertwined. The hills of the Castelli Romani are literally Rome's backyard and seeking out and exploring the abundance of historic and cultural examples of a rich civilization stretching back 3000 years in the area has become his main interest. He enjoys nothing more than having the opportunity to share that interest with others.

This tour is a unique opportunity to express your artistic self and share an original and personal experience in a singularly beautiful area virtually unknown to the foreign tourist. A hidden gem known only to locals and the lucky few.

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