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Day 1

Transfer to your accommodations in Tropea and welcome dinner

Settle into your accommodations and enjoy your surroundings as you stroll down the ancient cobblestone streets of the medieval town.

In the evening you'll be escorted to a lovely restaurant that sits overlooking the beautiful Tyrhennian sea. Enjoy an elegant full course meal with DOC Calabrese wine included.

Day 2

Guided walk in Tropea and Afternoon Cooking Class near Tropea

Breakfast served.

After breakfast we'll take you on a guided walk through the center of Tropea. Take in the historical sights and enjoy' once upon a time' tales of the medieval town. We will also stop to meet our favorite store owners to learn about the various food and wine sold in the town including the famous 'Nduja' from Spilinga, the red onions of Tropea, calabrese salamis and the red chilli peppers produced locally.

Lunch at your leisure.

Afternoon Cooking Class near Tropea.

Situated in the olive and lemon- tree strewn hills minutes from Tropea, chef and local friend Peppe will treat you to an antipasto of locally produced cheeses, salamis and wine. You'll stroll through his private farm to select seasonal fruits and vegetables for your cooking class and for a menu, which will also feature an array of local meat and vegetable dishes and 'fileja', the signature pasta of Tropea.

After your cooking class enjoy the fruits of your labour under their canopy. Local wine, dessert and home made liqueurs included.

Transport back to your accommodations in Tropea.

Day 3

Visit to Pizzo Calabro and a fish auction in Vibo Marina with Cooking Class

After breakfast, you can enjoy a free morning in Tropea.

Tropea's historic center has many cafes, stores and restaurants. The town has three viewing platforms, where you can sit and enjoy a wine overlooking the sea and the famous landmark of the town- the promenade, where the church 'Santa Maria Del Isola' is situated. You can also spend the morning at the beach below, all within walking distance.

Afternoon, we'll head for Pizzo Calabro, a beautiful coastal town and birthplace of the gelato tartufo.

We'll take a walk through the charming city center and tour the Piede di grotta, a famous grotto built on the beach of Pizzo boasting life size sandstone sculptures. From there we'll meet chef Caterina. Caterina and husband Antonio will take us to view the fish auction in Vibo Marina. We'll see the bartering of fish from the locals and learn about the trade.

We'll then dine at Caterina's restaurant for an exquisite dinner overlooking the castle of Pizzo and the beautiful sea.

Transport back to Tropea.

Day 4

Rustic picnic and bread making in Caria

After breakfast we will take you to the countryside above Tropea, to the local village of Caria. From there we'll join our friend Leo and his family at their farm where most of the land is dedicated to century old olive groves. We'll meet Maria who will show us how to make home made bread from scratch and watch it cook in her wood brick oven at the farm. We'll take a small walk through the area and visit a lovely view from the edge of the land that overlooks the beautiful sea and the medieval roof tops of Tropea.

We'll enjoy a wonderful rustic picnic lunch, overlooking the olive groves, with every ingredient produced by Leo's family including home made wine and extra virgin olive oil. Caria is also famous for its bean production. Maria will prepare a typical dish of this delicious legume slowly cooked in a terracotta pot for hours in her wood brick oven. Organically raised meats on the grill and an array of Calabrian delicacies that come from their farm are included. It is a rare find to meet a family who still dedicates their life to their farm, producing their own foods including raising their own meats and growing their own vegetables and fruits like many years ago. This makes for a very unique authentic 'old Italy' experience.

After lunch we will transport you back to Tropea where you can relax and spend your free evening unwinding from a fabulous day.

Day 5

A day at a luxurious five star resort and afternoon visit to Capo Vaticano

A day at a luxurious five star resort and afternoon visit to Capo Vaticano.

Today is the day to relax at a five star resort situated in Parghelia, a small coastal town close to Tropea.

The resort features 2 large swimming pools, a private beach a bar for cocktails and restaurant.

You can soak up the sun and swim in the pool or at their beach. Enjoy a wonderful seafood buffet lunch with wine included.

Early evening we'll head up to the lighthouse of Capo Vaticano. We'll enjoy a short walk to the most picturesque views of the cape and Calabria's magnificent coast including clear views of the volcanic islands of Sicily.

Our friend, a local chef Antonio, will pick us up and take us to his home town just minutes away called San Nicolo. Antonio has an infectious and gregarious personality and is happy to cook for everyone. His menus are based on what he finds fresh daily, including local pasta dishes, fresh seafood and local organic meats. A large selection of prepared vegetables are included as well as local wines. We'll sit outdoors overlooking ancient small buildings which boast golden hues from the street lamps of the town. Antonio will prepare his local specialties as we enjoy this most beautiful fairy-tale setting of San Nicolo.

Transport back to Tropea.

Day 6

Visit to the Statti Wine Estate

After breakfast we'll take a drive to Lamezia to visit the beautiful Wine Estate of Statti.

We'll be greeted by our host Katia, who will take us on a walk through the winery. We'll learn about the estate's olive oil and wine production. The estate holds over 1000 olive trees and has acres of land dedicated to their vineyard, including ancient grapes of Greek origin which makes for wonderful robust wines from Calabria. We will enjoy a personalized buffet made exclusively for us featuring deliciously cooked antipasti and cheeses to compliment our wine tasting with the estate's sommelier.

Transport back to Tropea to unwind and enjoy the rest of the day at your own leisure.

In the evening enjoy dinner in Tropea at a favorite restaurant that we love including local DOC wines.

Day 7

Fishing and sailing excursion with Francesco

We will set off for the port of Tropea to meet local fisherman Francesco. From there we will sail out into the waters, rich with local marine life, where Francesco will teach us his fishing technique.

You'll have the chance to admire the beauty of Tropea with its houses embedded on the cliff. Alternatively we can head to Capo Vaticano to view the cape from Francesco's yacht. From there you can admire the beautiful scenery and snorkel around the many magical hidden grottos.

Wines and a light antipasto available on board.

Farewell Cooking Class with chef Peppe

This afternoon we will head back to Peppe's kitchen where we will cook up a fabulous seafood feast. The menu will include Peppe's delicious seafood pasta using local, freshly caught fish. You'll be able to taste and cook the many dishes created by him, which will include seafood dishes and special Tropeana recipes dedicated to the famous red onions of Tropea.

We'll enjoy our farewell dinner with Peppe and his family.

Transport back to Tropea.

Day 8

Breakfast served.

Transfer to airport or train station.

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