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Day 1

Transfer to your accommodations in Tropea. Welcome dinner in an elegant restaurant overlooking the promenade of Tropea.

Day 2

Guided visit to a privately run nduja and salami production house with tastings included.

We will take you step by step on how this famous nduja production is made. The town of Spilinge, which is the birthplace of the nduja is where the production house is situated. We'll show you the preparation of the chili pepper which plays an important role in the Nduja production. We'll taste Nduja and other local salamis that are produced here with local wine.

From there we'll visit a beautiful viewing platform situated in Capo Vaticano and walk along a path to see magnificent views of the cape. We'll stop for an aperitivo before lunch which overlooks the beautiful Tyrrhenian sea and where on a clear day, you can see Stromboli, one of the volcanic islands of Sicily. We will then take you to a remote spot that overlooks the beautiful seas of Capo Vaticano and enjoy a specially prepared local calabrese picnic made by our local dear friend Rosanna.

Transport back to Tropea

Evening cooking class

Later in the afternoon early evening we'll head off to Peppe's private farm. His farm boasts over 7 meters of fertile land which produces an abundance of produce fit for a king. Olive groves, vineyards of ancient red and white grapes and many fruit trees. Animals including pigs, goats and horses and even his own honey production can be seen here. We'll be in the company of this special family as we enjoy a rich and authentic culinary experience. Plenty of wine is at hand as we cook alongside Peppe and learn to prepare an array of seafood and local meat dishes including creative ways in cooking seasonal vegetable dishes.

After our cooking extravaganza we will feast on our creations underneath a canopy overlooking the vineyards and gardens of the farm.

Also on the menu are Peppe's desserts and Vera's home made liquors including limoncello from the lemons grown at the farm and licorizia which is made from locally produced licorice root.

Day 3

Morning sailing excursion and fishing along the coast of Tropea.

After breakfast we'll drive to the port of Tropea to meet our dear local friend Francesco. A fishing excursion will be available with Francesco where you can learn various fishing techniques or alternatively we can sail to Capo Vaticano and view the breathtaking scenery of this magnificent cape. You can swim or snorkel in the crystal clear waters or just bask in the sun and admire the views.

Francesco will then prepare lunch on board as we admire the wonderful views of Calabria from the sea.

Local wine included.

Farewell cooking class with Peppe and family.

Tonight on the menu we will learn to make regional sweets and desserts with Peppe. Some of which date back generations using local ingredients. We will then learn how to make pizza dough for baking on the farms wood burning oven. We'll make an array of pizzas and watch Peppe prepare the wood oven with branches of olive trees to cook our pizzas.

We will also learn to make the traditional pizza of Calabria which is called a Pitta.

We'll enjoy our farewell feast of Calabrese pitta and pizzas with vegetable dishes including a tasting of the many types of traditional sweets that we created earlier.

Day 4

Transfer to airport or train station at Lamezia Terme.

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