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Cooking Classes in Rome with Anna Dente`
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Personalized itineraries with Anna Dente

Special Rome Cooking Vacation with Anna Dente in the company of celebrated chef Anna Dente, ambassador and savior of the traditional cuisine of the Roman countryside.

Join us for an exclusive cooking tour with Sora Anna, Queen of the Amatriciana.

We will put a tour together exclusively with Anna Dente with the aim of teaching not only the secrets of preparing classic Roman recipes handed down over generations, but also the historical and cultural context of each. A story which goes back two thousand years.

Introduction to Anna Dente

Anna was born in 1943 in the small rural hamlet of San Cesareo near Zagarolo in the province of Rome, a rich agricultural zone.

Her mother and father ran a local butchers shop or 'norcineria' as well as a few hectares of land producing grain, fruit and grapes, while her grandfather worked as a young man in the slaughter house of Monte Compatri.

Her grandmother was a 'ciambellaia' or biscuit maker and introduced Anna to the use of wild country herbs for use in bread, cakes and liqueurs.

From an early age she would also frequent the kitchen of her Aunt Ada's osteria in Rome. Not surprisingly, a passion for traditional Rome dishes and cooking soon took hold of the young Anna.

The lifetime culinary experience of the family was consolidated in 1995 with the opening of a restaurant in San Cesareo with the emphasis on preserving the preparation of traditional dishes and, in particular, those originating from a zone between the Castelli Romani or Roman Hills and Prenestina.

The restaurant was named after an osteria in the town dating from Roman times 'Lavicanum Caesaris' when it was an important locanda along the Via Labicana connecting Rome to Capua and running through the land of Julius Caesar.

Anna’s cuisine soon gained national and then international recognition; from Gambero Rosso, Il Corriere Della Sera and L’Espresso in Italy, to the Michelin Guide, Travel and Leisure, and Italian Cooking and Living abroad.

Heinz Beck, three star Michelin Chef of La Pergola in Rome, even describes 'Sora Anna' as the 'Queen of Roman cooking'

'Sora 'Anna' Tour Summary

Participants on this unique In Italy Tours vacation package will enjoy morning cooking classes with Anna in her restaurant.

The afternoons will feature excursions to many of the most beautiful visitor locations in the Castelli Romani, as well as activities to deepen your appreciation of the local food and wine, such as wine tasting and a close up look at bread production.

All you need to do is send us the number of days you wish to stay and we’ll send you a special itinerary including cooking classes with Anna and visits to the main historic sites of the Castelli Romani

In particular here is a list of places and things to do in the Castelli Romani


A visit to the town famous for its roasted porchetta. We will eat at a traditional fraschetta and tour Palazzo Chigi designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

Our frascetta lunch will include a wide variety of antipasti together with various pastas and meats, but especially the 'porchetta' of Ariccia. This oven roasted and seasoned pork is eaten with delicious Genzano bread and seasonal vegetables. A favorite destination for Romans on a Sunday, a visit to a fraschetta is an essential and enjoyably raucous dining experience in the Castelli Romani.

By contrast, Palazzo Chigi was a popular destination during the Grand Tour for such notable travellers as Turner, Ibsen, Longfellow, Goethe and Gogol. The original furnishings of the palace have been preserved almost entirely and it also houses a large collection of art masterpieces. In the 1960’s, the palace was the setting for the interiors of the film “The Leopard” by Luchino Visconti starring Claudia Cardinale and Burt Lancaster.


Nemi is an incredibly picturesque town overlooking the small volcanic lake of the same name. It is, above all, famous for it's wild strawberries or fruits of the forest. We will stop to taste the delicious strawberry dolci or 'sweets' and savour a traditional aperitivo of prosecco with wild strawberries.

After lunch, there will be an opportunity to view the ruins of the temple of Diana, goddess of abundance and fertility, close by. And also the small museum dedicated to the 2 boats of the madcap Emperor Caligula, who spent time on the lake and was a devotee of the goddess.


Genzano is a vibrant town holding fast to the traditions of its historic past. One of the most important of these is the 3 day religious festival in June called the "Infiorata". People come from far and wide to see the floral patterns and pictorial representations using flower petals laid out in the main street of the historic center. Genzano is also famous in all Italy for its DOC bread, baked in wood fired ovens.

Tusculum and Frascati

Afternoon visit to the site of ancient Tusculum which sits high on a rolling hill with sweeping views and explore the ruins of the villas of the ancient nobles. Then a visit to the town of Frascati which is now one of the primary urban centers of the Castelli Romani and famous for its DOC white wine production.


We can organize your accommodations in Frascati or at Anna Dente’s bed and breakfast above her osteria.

Contact us for more details.

Your personalized itinerary will include:

  • Transfer to and from your hotel in the Castelli Romani.
  • Morning cooking classes with Anna Dente in her osteria with meal to follow.
  • Accommodations either in Frascati or San Cesario.
  • Breakfast served daily.
  • Private transport during your tour.
  • Welcome dinner.
  • Lunches and dinners where specified on your itinerary.
  • English speaking guide throughout your tour.
  • Excursions mentioned in your itinerary.
  • All museum entrance fees where specified.
  • This tour is available all year round.

Our prices will depend on the number of guests and number of days you wish to spend in the Castelli Romani.

Itineraries will be available on request.

How to get there:

By Air – to Fiumicino or Ciampino airports

If you happen to be in Rome a local train from Termini Station (approximately 20 minute ride) to Campoleone is available and a transfer can be arranged there.

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