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When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

Located just 20 minutes from Rome, this exclusive tour immerses you in the authentic rustic cuisine, local DOC wines, culture and history found in the verdant, rolling hills of the beautiful Castelli Romani. While here, you’ll experience the warm Italian hospitality of personalized meals in private homes, cooking classes with renowned cooks and chefs, the lively atmosphere of local trattorias, and the refined ambience of the finest restaurants of the area.

You’ll also visit local historic sites of great relevance and interest and savor a gastronomic and cultural legacy developed over untold generations.

Your hotel accommodations will locate you in the town of Frascati. Renowned for its splendid palaces and villas, it is the primary urban center of the Castelli Romani. During free time you’ll be able to explore the town with its abundance of local stores, bars and eateries.

Cuisine and Culture

Our exclusive Castelli Romani tour gives you the opportunity to enjoy the rich and diverse flavors of the cuisine of the Roman countryside – a cuisine based on the fresh vegetables, grains and meats produced from the fertile soil of this volcanic range, paired with local DOC wines and virgin olive oils from the vineyards and olive groves of the area.

We will lead you on private tours of several important historic sites of the Castelli Romani, virtually unknown to the international traveler. You will also meet and spend time with locals whose warmth and cheerfulness is matched only by their pride in their cultural traditions and their willingness to share them.

During your tour, you’ll learn to cook and feast on the recipes of world renowned chef, Sora Anna Dente, in her San Cesareo osteria. Stefano Bonilli of Gambero Rosso refers to Sora Anna as the “Queen of the Amatriciana” and similarly, the great chef Heinz Beck nominates her the “Queen of Roman cuisine”. We’ll join Sora Anna in her San Cesareo kitchen where she’ll reveal the subtleties and secrets of a culinary tradition which dates to the time of the Caesars.

You’ll cook with Signora Maria in the bucolic surroundings of her vineyard and vegetable gardens on the edge of picturesque Nemi lake, where she lives with her husband Carlo. Maria spent many years cooking in her family restaurant in Nemi, to great acclaim, feeding the hungry Romans who escape to the hills of a weekend.

There will be plenty of Carlo’s homemade wines on hand during our time with them, along with Maria’s olive oil, homemade liqueurs and fruit conserves.

You’ll also enjoy the lively atmosphere of lunch at a local “fraschetta”, or eating house, outside the walls of the Chigi Villa in Ariccia, where Romans flock on a Sunday. And later you’ll enjoy a home-cooked meal in the company and home of Signora Laura in Lanuvio.

Authentic and memorable, you’ll experience the Castelli Romani as Romans do.

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