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Set sail with us onboard a 22-meter yacht with our friend Captain Mario La Torre and his wife Valentina for a fabulous 8-day cruise to the beautiful Aeolian Islands. Enjoy Valentina’s delicious Sicilian cuisine as we sail through the crystal waters of the Mediterranean.

Captain Mario is an experienced sailor and adventurer, who single-handedly crossed the equator in the Indian Ocean twice in 1993. He and his wife Valentina run our cruise with extreme enthusiasm and will make sure you enjoy the trip of a lifetime. Valentina's love for cooking is evident in her candlelit dinners on board. All meals are prepared by her and offer the freshness of seasonal organic ingredients.

On our journey, we’ll visit 6 islands – Stromboli, Salina, Filicudi, Lipari, Vulcano and Panarea – each distinct in culture and history, while enjoying breathtaking views on both land and water.

The Islands

Stromboli is the most active of all the Mediterranean volcanoes. The northwest coastline is known as 'Sciara del Fuoco' as it is here the lava flows tend to reach the sea in huge mists of water. The other side is lush and covered by vines, olive trees and capers. The crater of the volcano 'Serra Vancura' stands at 926 meters above sea level and the local guides suggest a climb to the summit at night.

Salina boasts the highest point of the Aeolian islands with Monte Fossa delle Felci towering at nearly 1000 meters above sea level. The cultivated fields are fed by natural, fresh water springs, which allow Malvasia grapes to grow alongside capers and cacti. By contrast a salt water lake near Punta Lingua gives the island its name.

Interestingly, there are sulphuric emissions emerging from the seabed around 200 meters from Rinella beach. These huge bubbles are called 'sconcassi' and are known to kill fish. Also, the little house at Pollara is featured in the film 'Il Postino' with the late Massimo Troisi.

Filicudi is one of the smallest islands of the Aeolian Archipelago. It is surrounded by rocks with the huge natural obelisk 'Canna' at 85 meters in height being the most impressive. But the small Elephant island and Fortune Cliffs are worth a close up look.

Captain Mario will get you close the Grotto of Bue Marino or 'Cave of the Sea Ox' with its fantastic refracting light show.

The island of Lipari, and the town of the same name, are the main centers of the Aeolian Island Archipelago in Sicily. Here you’ll find a few white houses at the foot of a large green hill in a town still largely uninterrupted by modern day.

We’ll sail past the ‘Faraglioni’, which are island-sized rocks protruding from the sea. We’ll also have the opportunity to visit the important Museo Archeologico Eoliano and park which preserves many of the relics from the ancient civilization of the zone and the castle built by the Spanish following the raids of Barbarossa.

Vulcano is the Aeolian Island nearest to 'mainland' Sicily. It is separated from Lipari by a sea channel just 1.6 kilometers wide, itself known as Bocche di Vulcano. Legend states it was here Efesto, the God of fire, used to have his hideaway.

Points of interest include the peninsula of Vulcancello which splits the golden-sand beach of Porto di Levante from the black volcanic sand beach of Porto di Ponente. The last eruption on the island was in 1890 but underwater activity is active enough to provide therapeutic hot springs and natural mud baths near Baia di Levante.

The smallest of the Aeolian Islands, Panarea, attracts many tourists from around the globe. Here many of Italy’s rich own holiday homes and dock their luxury yachts during the summer months.

The volcano of Panarea rises from more than 1200 meters below sea level and boasts magnificent views. This picturesque island encompasses the small islands of Basiluzzo, Dattilo and Lisca Bianca.

Your vessel - the 'Caicco Salato'
The luxury yacht or Caicco is officially named 'Caicco Salato' in honor of captain Mario’s family. Salato in Italian means salt and Mario's grandfather loved salt so much in his food the word 'salato' became a sort of family nickname.

Onboard, you’ll relax in one of 5 private double cabins with your own bathroom and shower. Other amenities aboard the boat include a shared lounge room with a bar and a beautiful teakwood deck on which you can sunbathe and dine in complete comfort.

During our cruise, take the opportunity to enjoy the water closer up by windsurf or canoe. Masks, fins and snorkeling kits are available for everyone.


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