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All participants of In Italy Tours' trips are required to sign the following acknowledgment of risk and release:

  • I acknowledge and accept the terms of cancellation and other booking conditions.
  • I acknowledge that the tour involves certain risks and potential dangers. These include the risk of personal injury or death from accident, illness, or the conduct of other persons, as well as the possibility of the loss of or damage to my property.
  • Having carefully considered these risks, I release In Italy Tours and its personnel from all liability in respect of my physical or mental injury, death, or property loss or damage as a result of my participation on the tour, except where caused by willfully reckless or fraudulent conduct of In Italy Tours' personnel.
  • I also understand that In Italy Tours organizes, promotes and sells tour our tours that consist of certain travel services such as hotel rooms, meals in restaurants, etc. which In Italy Tours purchases or reserves from various suppliers that are in no way affiliated with In Italy Tours.
  • I therefore acknowledge that In Italy Tours is not responsible for any harmful or negligent conduct of any supplier and I agree not to hold In Italy Tours responsible or liable for any conduct of any supplier that results in physical or mental injury, death, or property loss or damage.
  • I further release In Italy Tours from all liability regarding claims made against me as a result of any of my actions on the tour.
  • I intend that this acknowledgment of risk and release will be binding upon my successors and legal personal representatives.

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